Secure the Cloud

Enterprises are increasingly embracing the cloud for a wide range of applications, due to its many advantages – reduced costs, flexibility, scalability etc. But the security of your cloud-based systems is a big concern due to the shared security model of cloud computing. While the cloud vendors take responsibility for securing the basic cloud infrastructure,

Cloud Security: The challenges and Our Responsibilities

As the innovation in technology continues to rise, the demand for technology which quickly scales, integrates and delivers efficiency for businesses also increases. In recent years modern businesses are moving towards more flexible, powerful and reliable IT environments – and that’s where the cloud excels. According to IDG’s Enterprise Cloud Computing Survey, it is estimated

DNS Security

One very often overlooked component in the area of enterprise security is DNS Security. DNS is one of those everyday services that is usually taken for granted.  You provide the URL to the service and it comes back with the IP address.  How complex can that get and why is security needed for DNS?

Managed Security Services

Network Security is becoming an increasingly complex subject.  The sheer number of devices and technologies that are required to secure an enterprise is mind-boggling.  Expertise on all these platforms is not easily available, and once hired is even more difficult to retrain and retain. Another issue is that security incidents do not happen only during