Challenges for Managed Services Providers in the coming years

Challenges for MSPs in the coming years

Managed Services market is the fastest growing market in Indian IT industry at more than 10% CAGR (Compounded Annual Growth Rate). Due to the huge scope of business opportunities, it is attracting some big names and talent into this domain. The market is also throwing challenges which will tax even the biggest players, among all the challenges- One of the key areas is How to increase sales. Most MSP’s (Managed Service Provider) begin with the strategy of handling a client’s Information Technology infrastructure with the stated aim of lowering costs and maximizing ROI (Return on Investment) for the client. This mantra has become standard across the board. Offloading IT operations in the area of facility management and remote monitoring systems are expected MSP services.

The upcoming challenges that MSPs can face in 2017 might be different. This can be related to stand out of the competition. This is easier said than done, as everybody is taking the same “Out-of-the-Box Thinking” style. The Knowledge of digital trends in the coming two to three quarters will act as a signpost in being different from others in this sector. A major statistic in 2017 shows that 50% of the world’s population is wired to the internet. Mobile phones have the maximum share of traffic by device. Next on the list are the desktops and laptops. Less than 5% of web traffic is on tablet devices.
(*This insight comes courtesy of data analytics.)

The Key Challenge is to Maximize Mobile and Cloud Solutions-

The MSPs which concentrate on data centric solutions are have to be in sync with future business needs of the client stand to benefit. Apart from providing network operations support audit of network performance constitute the new paradigm of IaaS (infrastructure as a Service), The AaaS (Application as a Service) has already made inroads in maximizing efficiency.
As per the data metric listed earlier, Asia is at the centre of internet traffic, with India to be a fast emerging as a strong contender for other countries. This is mainly due to Government’s strong reforms for increasing digital literacy. The recent demonetization reform in India has witnessed the adoption of mobile devices at an unprecedented rate by the citizens. The mobile payment platform is fast gaining traction as the Fintech (financial technology) sector is experiencing robust growth.

IT Managed Service Provider in India

An IT services company in India such as Hitachi Systems provides scalable and professional services that are among the best practices in industry. Our strength which provides cloud services and cloud management portfolio that gives enterprise customers fast, flexible access to the cloud.

IT service management has gone beyond managing the hardware infrastructure of customers. We are among the few proactive Managed Services Provider entities providing efficient data migration solutions. Our focus on enhancing productivity via mitigating unexpected downtime is the key metric in controlling clients IT spend. The other focus area is to strengthen data strategy using business intelligence tools to generate predictive patterns. Updating cloud reports in real time is one of our one of the USPs. leading As one of the leading IT services company in India, we continue to live up to our mission statement of Kaitakusha-Seishin, meaning possessing a pioneering spirit in embracing challenges.

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