How we have helped multiple PSUs and other organisations to optimise their IT infrastructure and environment

With everything driven by IT in the contemporary world, it is imperative for organisations to adopt newer IT infrastructure and technology. However, many enterprises find it hard to shift business smoothly into a scalable and an efficient new IT infrastructure, which leads to outage due to infrastructure failure and thus, cost escalation.

With our End-User Computing solutions, we have customised end-user computing environment and upgraded IT infrastructure to meet different needs. The results have led to the improvement in productivity as well as enhanced end-user satisfaction.

With the complexity involved in adopting and updating IT set-ups, along with the sheer number of options available to choose from, we understand migrating smoothly to cost-effective end-user computing environment requires proper analysis and consultation.

We follow a four-stage process, which includes:

• Analysis of the existing infrastructure and end-user computing environment
• Consultation with clients
• Deployment of plans
• IT end-user support

We work closely with our clients to develop a fit-for-purpose environment. To create a customised approach, the deployment of the solution takes into consideration the specific user roles, behaviour, persona, along with the suitability of the technology, which can be leveraged optimally.

Our services have enabled organisations to achieve these:

1. The user experience and mobility have enhanced, as operating systems and database application software align with the current needs
2. With desktop virtualization, access to e-mails, work reports and other information have become easier and secure.
3. Their IT systems have become agile, giving the users freedom to use a number of connected devices. This promotes productivity and employ satisfaction
4. The cost has gone down and the delivery time has reduced.

Our end-user computing solutions are not limited to desktops and laptops upgrades; they also involve operating systems, database application software (DAS) and desktop virtualization.
For desktop virtualization, we employ Desktop-As-A-Service (DAAS) solutions.

How DAAS increases accessibility by augmenting desktop with virtualization?

With a multi-tenancy architecture, the data in DAAS can be accessed from a virtual desktop, making the access of data independent of location, device and network. The service can be provided on a subscription basis, where the service provider has the back-end responsibilities, such as management of data, storage, backup, security and upgrades. The client, however, is responsible for applications—sometimes even application responsibilities are included in a desktop management subscription.

DAAS is a proven technology that provides consistent and reliable user experience, irrespective of the device and network, while keeping the performance high.
The benefits of DAAS:

• Ability to customise a particular worker group
• Personal data can be delivered securely and safely through the cloud
• Leads to an agile system, which improves productivity
• Simplify the control of desktops operations
• Brings management cost down
• Improves security within the system

As we are a part of the Hitachi Global Network, leading OEM vendors have alliances with us, thus, we can provide the cutting-edge IT infrastructure and the best IT end-user support for computing environment at competitive costs.


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