Legacy And Virtual Infrastructure Services – What We Offer

Many organizations, be it global or national, have their IT infrastructure built around legacy systems—the yesteryear IT technologies and equipment that paved way for future of IT. The traditional systems were designed at the time when present day critical IT elements, such as cloud computing, virtualization, mobility and big data analytics had not evolved to its true potential. Thus, the legacy systems do not respond well and, in many cases, cannot be aligned with the present-day business needs involving mobility and cloud computing, which have brought agility to the business environment.

As a result, a multitude of enterprises or companies of variable scales have been stuck with operating environment and IT infrastructure that is rigid and fragmented. We, with our innovation-driven integrated system and infrastructure management services, have had helped an array of blue chip corporate as well as PSUs, along with middle and small scale organizations, to transform, build, upgrade, and adopt highly scalable, secure, agile, and automated IT infrastructure solutions at reduced costs.

By virtue of our association with the global IT experts and technology innovators, we have access to the latest technologies, including virtual desktop infrastructure, cloud computing, data centre, and automation. Moreover, our global relationship with original equipment manufacturers bestow us with the ability to construct adaptive IT requirements of the various types of businesses.

Infrastructure Management Services

We employ customised and unique approaches based on consultation with the clients and analysis done by in-house experts. Our IT infrastructure services account for the third-party services providers and suppliers for implementing an integrated solution across the supply chain. We offer following services:

• Upgradation of the entire IT infrastructure
• On-site and off-site service desk facility including a 24×7-contact center facility
• Maintenance support services include latest equipment and tools, fixing hardware problems, and replacing hardware components
• Ability to monitor various integrated and independent IT systems remotely from a single data center
• Secure and accelerated file transfer across distant and remote locations at a reduced cost
Virtual desktop infrastructure services

We offer the next-generation data-center transformation solutions to organizations of various sizes to help them maintain pace with global counterparts. With smooth implementation of our cloud-based virtualization infrastructure solutions, we have many companies to attain great operational efficiency. We offer the following platforms:

• Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
• Platform as a Service (PaaS)
• Software as a Service (SaaS)

Leverage our capability to transform and modernise IT infrastructure by availing our result-oriented infrastructure management services and virtual desktop infrastructure. We can help you update and revise infrastructure to bring it to a level where operations can be carried on smoothly at reduced commercial rates. Be it automation, restructuring legacy business systems, or creating agile infrastructure, we can be your trusted partner.

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